Virtual Adoptions

All of these children are at an orphanage that Lightforce One works with in Uganda. There are roughly 500 in primary school (known as elementary school in America) spread out across two sites, in two villages.

There are 75 children in secondary school (this would be both middle school and high school in America) at a site that Lightforce One helped to open for the graduates of primary school. Otherwise their education would have stopped when they graduated primary school. Their profiles are not listed yet, but will be soon.

Sponsoring a child in primary school is only $20 per month. When they get to secondary school, this goes up to $30 per month.

When you sponsor a child, you receive a picture a letter from them at least once per year. You can also write them back through Lightforce One.

If you prefer to make a single one-time donation rather than a monthly donation, you may do so by clicking here.

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